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By Deanna McGill | Photography by Rett Peek

   Scot Davis leads Arkansas Urology with a singular vision. “I take care of the people that take care of the people,” he explains. “Once you know your purpose everything else is easy.” For more than 25 years, Scot’s management philosophy has guided many medical practices with great success.

   As CEO of Arkansas Urology, Scot’s oversight includes clinics throughout the state – 15 locations serve 105,000 patients annually with advanced care.  Outstanding quality and innovative technologies continue to provide Arkansans world-class services. The physician-owned practice, coupled with its qualified medical providers and staff, has earned an impeccable reputation throughout the country. As a result, nationally recognized clinical pathways as well as pharmaceutical and device companies rely on Arkansas Urology for consultation of product and services implementation.

   “There is no reason for anyone to leave the state of Arkansas to receive advanced prostate cancer care,” Scot explains. Arkansas Urology Foundation & Marketing Director Chris Shenep coined the term #WorldClassCancerCare to reflect the organization’s compassionate care-centered approach with prostate cancer patients.

   Scot jokes, “Men aren’t just standing in line to go get a checkup. It is usually a spouse, girlfriend or other female influencer that persuades our patients to have a condition checked.” Arkansas Urology encourages men to make health a priority, so they can continue to care for friends and families. To further this objective, the Arkansas Urology 10 Point Check Up is a free and convenient option available to men – made possible by the Arkansas Urology Foundation. In the midst of a public health crisis, the free health screenings in underserved communities are critical. “We believe all men in the state, regardless of cultural background, financial resources or proximity to care should have access to information, diagnosis and state-of-the-art treatment,” Chris explains.

   The mission of Arkansas Urology – to improve the health and wellness of men – is unwavering. Even with consideration to COVID-19 and a global pandemic, routine care is critical to maintaining good health. Providers, like Arkansas Urology, are taking every precaution to protect patients and staff as well as the community. “We’ve seen in our state and the nation hospital and health care providers on the front lines fighting the pandemic. They’re most successful when encircled by other doctors and health care professionals ready to offload diagnostic and non-acute care,” notes Scot. The routine screenings at Arkansas Urology often diagnose other health concerns like diabetes and heart disease – offering support to the state’s COVID-19 testing initiatives.

   Arkansas Urology’s commitment to safety and sanitation standards in clinical spaces creates an environment that is conducive to continued routine services. Scot proudly states, “We want to be a portal for all Arkansans to access superior care during this period of pandemic response.”

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