Cultivating Curriculum + Community – Respect, Reverence, Responsibility

By Kim Meyer-Webb | Photography by Dero Sanford | Shot on location at the Episcopal Collegiate School

   The timeless values of respect, reverence and responsibility set the structure for an Episcopal Collegiate experience. The synergy of the campus is palpable. From pre-kindergarten through graduation, each student is recognized as an individual and nurtured with that unique perspective. The faculty has always been exceptional with a finite focus on the blending of curriculum and character development. During these times of essential virtual as well as traditional in-person learning, the Wildcat sense of community is stronger among constituents. Planning for the future remains unwavering, with resounding certainty that students will excel. Troy Urquhart, Chuck McCormick, Catherine Schuhmacher and Catherine Radtke comprise a highly qualified team of experts that are building a legacy and a model for continued success.

   Since its inception, Episcopal Collegiate’s well-established resources have only continued to improve in the midst of a pandemic. The student to teacher ratio, spacious campus and advanced technology are just a few of the notable facets that make the Episcopal Collegiate experience unique. The Academic Achievement Centers provide extra support to help students meet the challenges of an accelerated, college preparatory school. It equips them with the ability to accomplish their personal best. This year, the responsibility of the centers has evolved to better meet the needs of students during the pandemic. “We’re helping students navigate the demands of hybrid learning as we practice COVID mitigation strategies,” explains Catherine Radtke. “We’re constantly monitoring our students’ abilities to perform under the stress of a pandemic and realizing their success is also dependent on their social-emotional health.” It’s all part of the Episcopal Collegiate philosophy – serving students and families with confidence and the transformative power of complete education. “Our values – Respect, Reverence, Responsibility – reflect authentic relationships that are essential to education,” Troy Urquhart adds. “These relationships create a culture where young people feel empowered to take appropriate academic risks and pursue their passions with a goal of personal excellence in academics, athletics or the arts.”

   This priority of cultivating meaningful relationships translates into continuous and comprehensive student integration. Whether it’s the Monday morning community now-virtual meetings or the OWL devices that allow E-learners a 360-degree view of the classroom from home – Chuck McCormick notes how essential the Episcopal Collegiate shared values and culture are during times of uncertainty. “Father Rob and Mother Curtis are the stewards that inculcate reverence, respect and responsibility.  This bonds us to a common purpose – leading principle lives of leadership and service.” It also uplifts the Wildcat community. “Respect is the basis for trust,” Catherine Schuhmacher elaborates. “Our families must be able to trust us with their most precious commodity – their children. Teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure those students at home are having as close to an in-person experience as possible. It’s the communication and transparency in our approaches to health, safety, teaching and learning that’s been key during this challenging time.”

Featured left to right: Director of Student Support Services/Associate Head of Lower School Catherine Radtke, Head of Upper School Troy Urquhart, Head of Lower School Catherine Schuhmacher, Head of Middle School Dr. Chuck McCormick

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