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Photography by Jamison Mosley 

   Andrea Lewis is a passionate promoter of economic education in Arkansas. She is not only a banker, but also a parent who recognizes the importance of teaching children to be fiscally responsible. Alongside Economics Arkansas, Andrea looks forward to celebrating the organization’s mission fulfillment work and The Stock Market Game™ winners at the Student Awards Luncheon later this month.

   As an ardent ambassador for Economics Arkansas, Andrea acts as a liaison for economic education in schools throughout the state. She explains, “If young people are taught how to manage money, they will have the tools needed to be productive citizens. The more financially sound citizens we have, the stronger our communities and economy will be.” One of the initiatives that Andrea champions is the implementation of banks in schools. Through this strategic partnership with local banks, students learn about banking and good money management as well as the importance investing for the future.

   First Security Bank sponsors these initiatives. With three mock banks in Little Rock School District schools, students act as bank tellers where they handle deposits and withdrawals made by classmates. Andrea adds, “Don’t fret, we are at the school with them making sure they are counting money and filling out the deposit tickets correctly. More goes into it, but the students are feeling empowered by having this type of responsibility and saving money through the First Security Bank’s Penny Pockets Kids Club Savings Program.” As an added incentive, First Security Bank deposits an initial $5 in every student’s account.  

   Through this leadership and dedication, Andrea makes her own investment in the future of Arkansas. At Economics Arkansas, she’s cultivating the next generation of financially savvy individuals who can navigate the complex global marketplace. “It’s the science of decision-making – an analytical framework to be more productive, intentional and engaged citizens as well as knowledgeable consumers, wise investors and informed voters,” Economics Arkansas Executive Director Kathleen Lawson elaborates. “While Economics Arkansas is a strong advocate for personal finance, we prioritize economic education as we believe it provides the necessary foundation to apply positive financial behavior.” Andrea adds, “It is imperative to ensure our youth have access to the opportunities provided by both the Little Rock School District and city programs. These programs are specifically designed to keep our youth engaged in educational and recreational activities, providing meals and tutoring.” 

   As a wife, mother, business and civic leader – Andrea utilizes her expertise to help progress Ward 6, where she serves as the Little Rock City Director. She is committed to being accessible, honest and transparent. Andrea jokes, “I like to think of my role as customer service for the community. That’s really the main objective to me.” She works diligently on behalf of her neighbors to clearly communicate ideas + concerns to the city.  “I understand we are only as good as the communities we are in. There is plenty of work that needs to be done and I am up for the challenge.”

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