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Photography by Rett Peek | Shot on location at the UA Little Rock Windgate Center of Art + Design

   For more than a century, Garver has been drafting plans for a brighter future. Garver is an employee-owned multi-disciplined engineering, planning, architectural and environmental services firm. Its national footprint includes more than 30 offices in 12 states. Through GarverGives, the corporate giving program, the company pursues charitable and philanthropic opportunities that enrich these communities. With a focus on STEM education and health + wellness, Garver has supported more than 330 organizations and inspired the Garver team of industry experts to new levels of civic leadership.

   Jordan Culver and Sarah Palmiero are leaders of the GarverGives initiative. Both recognize the value of volunteerism that Garver encourages throughout the company. Jordan reflects, “Growing up, I got to participate in a lot of various opportunities through the Boy Scouts, the church youth group, the Knights of Columbus and a leadership group my freshman year of college, but it wasn’t until joining our GaverGives NLR committee that I appreciated just how great the needs in a community are.” Sarah adds, “I’ve realized, especially now that I have a daughter, it doesn’t take as much time or money as you think. And getting to watch the impact it makes on individuals and organizations is more than worth it. One thing I love about GarverGives is that we try to maximize our impact by making it easy for our employees to give.” And the impact is impressive. Centers for Youth & Families Foundation Director Melissa Hendricks elaborates, “Garver and their employees have a generous, thoughtful and giving attitude to corporate responsibility, philanthropy and charitable support. The GarverGives Board of Directors works to diversify and spread support to as many organizations as possible.”

   Congruent with its centennial celebration, the company introduced Garver Chain Reaction Challenge. It donated STEM kits and financial support for students in 100 schools to build elaborate + functional Rube Goldberg-style chain reaction machines. Museum of Discovery worked with Garver to develop curriculum for this intro to tinkering and engineering.  Museum of Discovery CEO Kelley Bass elaborates, “Garver leadership approached the Museum of Discovery about helping the firm develop an activity it could facilitate at schools in all the cities in which Garver has offices. The museum’s education team trained Garver employees on ‘chain reaction,’ and that became the signature activity at dozens of events tied to the anniversary. They set such a good example for our young guests and show exactly what those kids can become someday if they pursue a STEM education.”

Jordan Culver, Sarah Palmiero

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