Girl Scouts – Creating Leaders of Tomorrow

Photography by Jamison Mosley


   Girl Scouts – Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas continues a global legacy of more than a century of service. This mission of building girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place  is evident in Central Arkansas through the community service of business and civic leaders (not to mention, cookies). Former Girl Scout Tanarah Haynie recognizes the important role the organization played in her career. 

   Tanarah is synonymous with breathtaking floral designs. At Tanarah Luxe Floral, she and her team of industy experts transform the ordinary to extraordinary for weddings, charity events and more. The luxurious blooms and unparalleled service are a Tanarah Luxe Floral trademark and this attention to detail comes from the owner’s heart and soul. Girl Scouts – Diamonds Chief Strategy Officer Cristy Sowell, a lifelong friend, explains that Tanarah’s ambition and entrepreneurial spirit reflect the spirit and mission of Girl Scouts. “Even at a young age, Tanarah was a girl ready to tackle the world. And in Girl Scouts, she found an organization built to help her do just that. Girl Scouts provides the tools girls need to explore themselves, their world, their interests, and grow the courage and confidence to take action on their interests and passions,” she elaborates. “Tanarah’s entrepreneurial journey echoes the experiences she encountered as a Girl Scout.”

   Tanarah remembers how the regiment provided by the Girl Scouts allowed her to plan and take charge from an early age. “I think it was the badging process. I read the book on how to get each badge and I learned to be a self-starter. It showed me how to step out on my own and take control of the situation. Those micro-wins with badges were really the start with how I wanted to achieve my goals and dreams.”

   Girl Scout – Diamond President & CEO Dawn Prasifka believes that Girl Scouts cultivates courage, confidence and character by providing a safe space for young women to be themselves while learning to take the lead. “Girl Scouts can become anything they want, but I really do suggest planning and doing things on their own. Allow kids to go out and win and fail to show them how it’s done and how to fall back on themselves if it doesn’t work.” Tanarah adds, “I was at Dallas Market and there was a dad there who was walking around with his daughter who was a Girl Scout. She had a wagon of Girl Scout cookies and I thought ‘you know that’s a great way to monitor her in this day and age, and then let her go out and do her own thing.’ I think that’s important.”’

   Studies from the Girl Scouts Research Institute indicate that participation is a powerful factor in the foundation for success and leadership opportunities coulpled with high levels of life satisfaction. While each experience is unique – the ambition, ability to rebound from failure and community service last a lifetime. Tanarah’s success and unwavering commitment to countless nonprofit organizations – like Arkansas Children’s Miracle Ball – are a testament to the Girl Scouts curriculum.  Cristy sums it up best, ““Tanarah is the very embodiment of the grit, compassion, accomplishment, impact and example a Girl Scout gives to her world. She is a shining example and promise of what a Girl Scout grows up to be… the mark she makes on her world and the example she holds for those girls to follow.”

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