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Photography by Nancy Nolan | Produced by Ellen Scruggs | Hair by Amy Hester with Red Beauty Lounge | Makeup by Juli Waits with Red Beauty Lounge | Clothing provided by Vesta’s | Joined by Spirit the Red-tailed Hawk

Each year, the American Association of Zoo Keepers-Little Rock Chapter welcomes patrons and friends of the Little Rock Zoo to the Great Escapes Art Auction. The evening offers an exclusive opportunity to secure one-of-a-kind art created by the animals at the zoo. Proceeds support the chapter’s continued keeper education and various local and international conservation projects.

Education Animal Care Specialist Hannah Baker works with the Ambassador Animals and the African Penguin Exhibit in a coordinated effort to maximize the exposure of the Education Outreach Department at the Little Rock Zoo. Exhibitions at the zoo, and at special events throughout Central Arkansas, showcase a variety of animals and teach audiences about their wild counterparts.

Hannah shares her insight + devotion to animals along with the critical conservation initiatives at the Little Rock Zoo that she assures everyone can help support.

Hannah credits her love for animals to her childhood dog Sadie. “She is absolutely responsible for my love of animals, who I am today and the path that’s led me to this career.” Much of her body art reflects her adoration for her pets and the animals she works with at the zoo.

People passionate about animal welfare comprise the team at the Little Rock Zoo, Hannah notes. “These people are highly educated and work in all weather conditions, through holidays and weekends to ensure the best care for our animals and to inspire others to care as well.”

Inspiring people to value and conserve our natural world is a critical component of the Little Rock Zoo’s mission fulfillment work. “Our zoo provides visitors with a unique opportunity to get close and connect with animals in a way that is necessary to create a caring attitude.” The zoo strives to showcase not only beloved and beautiful creatures, but other unexpected inhabitants who play important roles in our ecosystem. “Every single animal, including the unpopular and unattractive, have unique roles to play in our world; they are all absolutely necessary to our planet and we all share in the responsibility to make sure they are around for future generations.”


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