Hope Ball

By KIM MEYER-WEBB | Photography by SARAH ODEN | Hair & Makeup by SARAH MEYER


For more than 25 years, the 20th Century Club has helped families through cancer journeys – providing “hope away from home” at the lodge. The organization was established to promote the war effort and assist the Red Cross with necessary volunteers. As cancer-related diagnoses + research increased and Central Arkansas became renowned for cancer treatment centers, the club evolved to meet the needs of the community. The lodge opened in April 2011 to accommodate more patients and their families with no-cost housing. The 20th Century Club members and the Angels of Hope offer camaraderie + fellowship in addition to the necessary amenities.

Each year the Angels of Hope Program introduces young women to the transformative power of community service. A mother of two daughters, Christy Bray believes the program is a hallmark of the 20th Century Club and realizes the opportunity it provides. “It introduces young ladies into the unknown world of battling cancer and can be a life-changing experience.” As 20th Century Club President, Christy will welcome guests to the Hope Ball where the Angels of Hope are celebrated for an unwavering commitment to the organization.

The Hope Ball guarantees an evening that reflects the hope + healing of the 20th Century Club and the essence of the club’s mission. Chairmen Shanti Halter and Tonya Franzetti kept a finite focus on this throughout the planning process and determined an escape to a coastal paradise, infused with great food and cocktails along with the warmth of the 20th Century Club membership. Tonya elaborates, “We ‘hope’ to illustrate the gift of life with vibrant, bright flowers.” Christy notes that Shanti, a California native, has an eye for the casually chic appeal of this year’s gala. Shanti adds, “The colors are a reminder of nature. The brightness of flowers brings people joy and happiness.”

This is the kind of energy that the Angels of Hope bring to the lodge – activities include sharing meals, playing games and visiting with cancer patients. Christy explains that the lodge serves many residents from outside of Arkansas. “The Angels and our members share love and care with patients that are often far away from home. They come from all over the United States to stay at the lodge.” She believes compassion is critical during difficult times and recalls advice from her grandfather. “Enjoy the people who are with you and know there is an adventure around the corner.”

The highlight of the Hope Ball is the formal presentation of the Angels of Hope. Celebrating more than a decade of success, the program fosters civic leadership and a spirit of volunteerism among high school juniors. Doug Hollings and daughter Helen will be honored with the Hope Award and club member Cindy McNeely will be recognized with the Distinguished Service Award along with Christy. Proceeds support the operating costs of the lodge and the organization’s sustainability. “More than 900 people will gather to support this mission of the 20th Century Club and that fills my heart.”

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