Lesley Oslica – Lifetime Achievement Award

Photography by Rett Peek | Shot on location at the UA Little Rock Windgate Center of Art + Design

   When their daughter Katie was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, Lesley Oslica remembers an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. “The difficulties that we experienced and the lack of knowledge and understanding of NF – in the medical community and the general public – led me to raise awareness of the disorder as well as raise funds for research and potential treatment options.” Her relentless quest to improve the lives of NF patients continues today – creating invaluable adventures and friendships throughout the years.

   Lesley was introduced to Children’s Tumor Foundation as a resource for NF families and established Children’s Tumor Foundation Arkansas Chapter in 2004. “At the time, there were no support groups or NF Clinics in Arkansas, but I did find the NF Endurance Team. I learned that no matter what level of athlete I was, I could participate with the Children’s Tumor Foundation and create local teams to help raise awareness and funds for NF Research.” Under her leadership, the organization remains a catalyst for cultivating patronage from fellow Arkansans who are also committed to the welfare of children.

   Dancing With Our Stars, a signature event featuring local celebrities and civic leaders in fun + friendly competition, generates significant support for the mission to #EndNF. Celebrating more than a decade of dancing and shenanigans, Dancing With Our Stars has become a favorite fundraiser among constituents with a devotion to the foundation that is unwavering. Rick Fleetwood recognizes her star power. “Lesley is a champion for families living with NF and rallies those around her to join in the cause. She’s a leader that motivates and inspires others by sharing her family’s story.  Because of Lesley, the children with NF are living healthier lives.”

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