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Photography by Jamison Mosley | Fred Scarborough

Arkansas Children’s Hospital

   “I believe our collective work is fueled by kindness, generosity and compassion for our fellow man,” attests Arkansas Children’s Executive Vice President/Chief Communications & Chief Development Officer Fred Scarborough. He prefers to trust in the basic goodness of people and elaborates, “I believe that the preservation of innocence in children provides the best opportunity for returning to our basic goodness as adults.” His career is perfectly aligned with this vision and a mission that champions for the health and wellness of all Arkansas children.

   At Arkansas Children’s, Fred is responsible for external communications, community and volunteer engagement as well as philanthropy. He proudly works alongside a talented team of colleagues to cultivate a culture of compassion that is worthy of Arkansas’ children. “The work we do as fundraisers is collaborative at every turn and there is no such thing as individual success.” Fred continues, “I am still amazed by the generosity of individuals and by the impact of mission-driven people. As a professional in this arena, I feel very hopeful and fortunate.”

   Fred acknowledges that Arkansas is still one of the least healthy states for children. Arkansas Children’s drives toward child health daily; the complete spectrum of team members, volunteers and educators are engaged fulfilling this vision. “It’s that promise of a better world for our children that is so exhilarating.” After the loss of their son, Elijah, Fred and his wife Mary were drawn to the life-saving work at Arkansas Children’s. “Elijah’s legacy, the exceptional people in my life who surround me at home and at work and my faith are what keep me inspired and passionate about improving child health in Arkansas,” Fred credits. 

   The Scarborough family is making the Natural State a more equitable place to live and flourish. They contribute to Paws in Prison, Children’s Protection Center, Arkansas Children’s, Project Zero, Junior Deputy, Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, Arkansas Repertory Theatre, Arkansas Symphony Orchestra – the list continues. In addition, Mary and Fred recently started the annual Scarborough Family Award for public school teachers serving children. “Mary and I find great joy in supporting organizations through financial contributions, volunteerism, event participation, teaching, and memberships.” Fred shared his greatest achievement is his family. He has been married for 24 years and the couple has three sons (Elijah – deceased; Isaac – 18 years old; Nama – 8 years old). 

   Fred reminds fellow Arkansans we can all contribute and share. “All people have greatness inside them, there is enough for everyone.” He insists it just takes a first step – deciding on the difference you wish to see in the world. “My grandmother always encouraged me to, ‘find something you’re really good at, something you’re passionate about, and then figure out a way to have that be your job.’ It turns out, she was right!” 


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