Outstanding Foundations

Photography by Jamison Mosley 

Women’s Foundation of Arkansas

Becky Flynn

“For nearly 25 years, The Women’s Foundation of Arkansas has been serving women and girls across the state. We’ve been holding a STEM conference for 8th grade girls since 1998, and now we work toward economic security for Arkansas women and girls through grant-making, research and two programmatic initiatives: Girls of Promise and Women Empowered. We believe in the power of the purse – the power of women to support other women. Women in Arkansas rank among the lowest of all states in employment and earnings. Until we see all women achieving economic security for themselves and their families, the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas will keep working and giving in Arkansas.” 


Methodist Foundation for Arkansas

Rev. J. Wayne Clark   

“I remember doing service work when I was in the youth group at First United Methodist Church, Malvern. However, it wasn’t until I started leading trips at Hendrix that I really understood the power of volunteering. I came to realize that the trips were not so much about the work, but actually, the trips were about building bridges with people by learning from them and working side-by-side with them. Often, the mentality of a mission trip is that ‘we’ are going to serve ‘them’ and show ‘them’ how to improve their lives. With a greater understanding of the people I went to serve, and holding the value of the things they could teach me, I gained so much more from the trips.”


Ross Foundation

Peggy Clark & Ross Whipple

The Ross Foundation was established by Jane & Esther Ross in 1966 to administer philanthropic grant programs and manage timberlands held for conservation purposes. The grant program supports the residents of Clark County through the revenue produced by these timberlands. Ross Whipple elaborates, “I enjoy watching people taking the investment made in their organization with our grant dollars, mixing it with love, hard work and desire; then moving mountains with what they accomplish.”


Inviting Arkansas

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