Outstanding Foundations

The C. Lewis & Mary C. Cabe Foundation | The Ross FoundationThe Sunderland Foundation (not pictured)

The C. Lewis and Mary C. Cabe Foundation | Anita Cabe, Clay Cabe

Established by Mary C. & C. Lewis Cabe, the Cabe Foundation serves Jesus Christ – improving the welfare of fellow Arkansans through education and related resources. Anita Cabe believes, “Philanthropy provides the opportunity to give back to my community and state. To see the effects in my community is rewarding.” Clay adds, “We enjoy knowing how much good we’re doing.”

Photography by Dero Sanford




The Ross Foundation | Peggy Clark, Ross Whipple

The Ross Foundation was established by Jane & Esther Ross in 1966 to administer philanthropic grant programs and manage timberlands held for conservation purposes. The grant program supports the residents of Clark County through the revenue produced by these timberlands. Ross Whipple elaborates, “I enjoy watching people taking the investment made in their organization with our grant dollars, mixing it with love, hard work and desire; then moving mountains with what they accomplish.”

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