Outstanding Fundraising Professionals

Photography by Dero Sanford | Chair from Hank’s Fine Furniture

Shannon Boshears | Sherri Jones | Enid Olvey

Shannon Boshears – Arkansas Hospice

“Philanthropy is a long-term, more strategic approach to solving the root causes of social issues as opposed to a charity that can be a short-term approach to alleviate immediate needs – both are needed,  important and powerful. Fundraisers are givers, not takers. I feel like my job is connecting the dots between people and organizations to achieve everyone’s mission of creating a greater good. What I love most is being able to see that change take place, short-term and long-term. It’s an honor to be the catalyst who helps to bring those transformations to fruition.” – Shannon Boshears




Sherri Jones | Arkansas Foodbank

“At Arkansas Foodbank, we see the faces of moms and dads that are grateful for a meal for their family. While at the American Cancer Society, it was seeing the face of a cancer survivor that had just defeated the disease and lives another day to spend with their family. It’s providing HOPE in the midst of someone’s valley of life and seeing them rise out of it. We all have valleys in our lifetime, be someone’s HOPE.” – Sherri Jones






Enid Olvey – Arkansas Children’s

“I was introduced to philanthropy as a student at Lyon College through my involvement with Phi Mu sorority. By the time I graduated, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in fundraising. Now,18 years into my career at Arkansas Children’s, my passion has only deepened. I have the opportunity to go to work every day for a mission I’m deeply invested in and meet incredible individuals from across the state who bring meaning to every dollar raised.” – Enid Olvey


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