Outstanding Philanthropists

Cindy & TJ Boyle | Carol & Bunny Adcock

Cindy & TJ Boyle

“Our moms are our personal and professional inspiration. Cindy’s mom always stressed to her that education was the way to a better life and being self-sufficient, so we are both active at our alma maters and Cindy mentors young women through Arkansas State University’s Women’s Leadership Center. My mom, who passed away earlier this year, was also an inspiration to both of us. As soon as she retired from her catering business, she found her calling and went to work volunteering at River City Ministries. Our giving and volunteering with the Arkansas FoodBank and Our House is partially inspired by her love for feeding people.” – TJ Boyle

Photography by Dero Sanford


Carol & Bunny Adcock

“I was born and raised in Arkansas. My parents were big on giving. Before my father died, he gave over a million dollars to build a Boys & Girls Club in McGehee. He gave away almost all of his assets before he died. As his attorney said, ‘that is the perfect estate plan. He died with very few assets left. He owed no estate taxes.’ We’ve been blessed with a number of assets. Now, it’s our turn to give to those that are in need.”  – Bunny Adcock

Photography by Seth Foley | Courtesy of University of Central Arkansas

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