Outstanding Volunteer Fundraisers

Photography by Dero Sanford | Chair from Hank’s Fine Furniture

Melissa Hawkins | The Middleton Family | Christy & William Clark

Melissa Hawkins

“I am a multi-generational Arkansan and have lived in three different areas of the state – Fayetteville, Arkadelphia and Little Rock – all of which I have supported through volunteering. I am blessed by the relationships and friendships that I have made throughout my life and love our state. My greatest passion is to improve our communities through quality education and health initiatives, and I plan to continue to devote my time to those areas.” – Melissa Hawkins





Mark Middleton, Sandy Middleton Marshall, Larry Middleton

“Our state and its people are uniquely special. While many of us may become accustomed to the unique kindness of our state’s greatest resource – its people, those who visit here notice it instantly. There is a genuineness, thoughtfulness and compassion that is truly unique to our citizenry. This is ‘home’ in the truest sense of the word, and we feel an obligation to treat the entire community as a family.” – Mark Middleton 





William & Christy Clark

“My dad provided a great model for service that I watched as I grew up. He enjoyed helping improve other people’s lives, and I inherited that from him. We would tell any young person to just dive into community service. As you grow and realize what means the most to you, the good things you do serving others will be what you remember most – not the things you accomplish in business. Everybody needs help at some point in their lives, and those with the ability to help have an obligation to do so. It’s very satisfying, but also humbling knowing so many people depend on the help of others to get through difficult times.” – William Clark

Inviting Arkansas

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