Sonja Yates Hubbard – Outstanding Philanthropist

Photography by Amber Fenix

   The Arkansas Children’s Dental Sealant Program expands access to preventative oral healthcare and oral health education for children across the state. Resources include a specialized team that provides dental screening, fluoride applications and dental sealants to protect from tooth decay. It’s at the heart of the Arkansas Children’s mission – making children better today and healthier tomorrow – and is made possible, in part, by the Yates & Hubbard families historic gift of $1.25 million.

   Sonja Yates Hubbard remembers making Christmas cards and singing carols at a care facility in Texarkana with her Brownie Troop. “Seeing how much it meant to the residents, I realized that small things can make a difference.” Throughout her career and community service, Sonja remains committed to improving the state she adores. “Arkansas is home, it’s where my roots are, and I love it.  If you love it, you want to preserve it so giving back is imperative.”

   Serving on the diverse Arkansas Children’s Foundation, Sonja represents constituents in South Arkansas and helps transform the medical landscape of Texarkana. “Arkansas Children’s truly lives their mission of making children better today and healthier tomorrow. I felt compelled to get involved and provide support.” Her family’s support of Arkansas Children’s impacts other Arkansas communities as well. “Sonja is a true champion for the children of Arkansas. Her leadership, business acumen, civic connections and passion for helping those in need make her an invaluable partner and philanthropist for the South Arkansas region and the entire state of Arkansas,” Arkansas Children’s Foundation President Fred Scarborough adds.

   Her pragmatic approach to business and civic leadership is exemplary.  Fred elaborates, “Sonja is best described as a trailblazer and leader. She and her family took a keen interest in the problem of oral health in Arkansas, especially low-income children in rural areas. Because of their leadership investment, the Arkansas Children’s team is advancing critical preventative dental care and outreach programs close to home to children who need it most. Time and time again, Sonja has leveraged her relationships, wisdom and business success for the benefit of those around her. She is a powerful advocate who is deeply committed to making a difference.”

   Sonja quite simply believes that philanthropy is a civic responsibility. “I’ve been blessed through work, business and family to now be afforded the ability to give more than cards and sing songs for others…. thankfully, for us all! My volunteerism has gone from interested to involved to active to urgent. It’s hard to say no when there is such need and so many worthy causes.”

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