Southern Silks Stakes

By Kim Meyer-Webb | Photography by Dero Sanford |  Hair & Makeup by Suzy Balkman with Bristle + Balm | Wardrobe from Dillard’s | Shot on location at Pine Hill Ranch with Allie, Blaze, Bob and Prada | Special thanks to Stacey Garrett & Clara Husman

   Inspired by the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horseracing, Southern Silks Stakes celebrates tradition and hospitality with a fundamental purpose: improving the lives of children in Arkansas. For more than a century, Methodist Family Health has worked tirelessly to offer resources for the state’s most vulnerable residents. Chairmen Becka and Brian Webb will welcome guests to an evening of festive fare and fabulous faux horse races that generates support for the services that Methodist Family Health provides.

   Becka and Brian were initially introduced to Methodist Family Health through friends who invited them to Southern Silks. “It was such a fun event; we knew we wanted to be involved,” Becka remembers. With a heart for service, inspired by her mother, Becka quickly realized the Methodist Family Health continuum of care is critical. “Psychiatric care is provided in a supportive family setting that helps develop social, relational and interpersonal skills.” She shares a startling statistic: nearly 20% of youth experience a mental health disorder. “Helping these children with their educational, behavioral, emotional and social needs is so important.”

   A Capital City native, Becka believes it’s a civic responsibility to improve the welfare of fellow Arkansans. She works as vice president of Heartland Renaissance Fund, the community development division of Arkansas Capital Corporation. As a mother and a business professional, Becka recognizes the challenges every family faces and notes the Methodist Family Health Compassion Fund financial assistance program helps ease the stress and strain for clients. “The ability to assist patients while they are going through treatment helps bring peace of mind during an extremely stressful time.” The Compassion Fund will be featured at Southern Silks Stakes as a special appeal. “Donors can contribute to the fund that meets very specific needs of individual clients,” Methodist Family Health Director of Communications Kelli Reep elaborates. “For example, a student in our day treatment program was falling asleep during class. Our staff finally learned from the student that he was sleeping between two chairs at home because his bed had bed bugs. We used donations from this fund to purchase an air mattress for him and we used bed linens donated from Get Up & Give to provide him a proper bed. He was able to get consistent sleep at home, and his school performance improved.”

     At the heart of the Methodist Family Health mission is a network of devoted friends and patrons. “Events like Southern Silks Stakes are made possible because we’ve got folks who are willing to roll up their sleeves and make it happen,” Kelli notes. “We couldn’t do it without them.” Becka and Brian have a tenure of community service that’s impressive, but not surprising. “I’ve always felt compelled to volunteer; my mom was a good example,” Becka admits.

   In high school she served as a volunteer for the Little Rock Central High School Desegregation Crisis 35th Anniversary and later joined Junior League of Little Rock – where she reflects, “I received invaluable training and worked alongside an amazing group of women who are committed to women and children in Central Arkansas.” She relishes the opportunity to serve organizations that benefit a cause close to her heart – helping children and families overcome some of life’s obstacles. “We want to leave the world a better place. Anytime people come together to support something or create positive change, it inspires us to be a part of something bigger.”

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