The Gold Standard of Urology

By Kim Meyer-Webb | Photography by Sarah Oden | Makeup by Bridget Baltimore with Barbara/Jean

   Arkansas Urology is comprised of 15 clinics throughout the state – serving more than 100,000 patients annually. This outstanding quality care and innovative technology provide Arkansans with unparalleled service. But it is, as Dr. Lauren Hendrix notes, the Arkansas Urology Gold Standards that cultivate a company culture of compassionate, patient-focused diagnostics. “Our set of gold standards align the entire Arkansas Urology team with a singular goal: excellent, personal patient care.”

   Lauren is a partner physician at Arkansas Urology with an emphasis on voiding dysfunction, female urology, stone disease as well as various cancers. She realized her aspiration at an early age when she broke her arm in a tumbling accident. “It took two surgeries to fix my arm. I decided I wanted the ability to ‘fix’ people also.” After graduating from Mount St. Mary Academy, she pursued an undergraduate degree in biology at the University of Central Arkansas and completed medical school at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with a residency at the University of Kentucky. This self-admitted, accident-prone doctor remembers her intention to become an orthopedic surgeon.                       “I did not love my ortho rotation in medical school. However, a week at the VA Medical Center on a urology rotation introduced me to what would become my passion.” Lauren joined Arkansas Urology in 2018 and remains impressed by the scope of services + the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Center partnership.

   At Arkansas Urology, Lauren’s personal values blend seamlessly with the Gold Standards that guide every diagnosis and treatment. This care-centered philosophy – be positive, listen generously, show meaningful appreciation, walk in the patient’s shoes – reflects the kind of empathy that Lauren believes is paramount in health care. “Our patients are our first priority. Having been a patient myself, I understand how scary and intimidating surgery can be… I make every effort to ensure patients understand their condition and our plan.” Lauren recognizes the Mercy Values, instilled in the Mount St. Mary Academy curriculum, as well as the institution’s “women’s empowerment movement over the last century” established a foundation for success in a practice that is all too often considered more male than female.  She is one of four female urologists in the Arkansas. “Mount St. Mary taught me that character and education come first – and there is nothing out of reach if you work hard. It was founded by the Sisters of Mercy who dedicate their lives to God in the form of community service and prepares graduates for life.”

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