The Many Faces of CARTI

These boutiques share a commitment to our community and the CARTI mission of compassionate patient care. Like so many supporters, each shares a personal devotion to CARTI.

Photography by Lori Sparkman Photography | Hair & makeup by Face Your Day Salon | Shot on location at Bespoke Video Production

Sarah Clauson – Steamroller Blues

Zuhair Patrick Filat – Barakat Bespoke

Jessica Price – Unveiled

Morie Malloy – Roberson’s Fine Jewelry

Cindy Harper – Indigo

Mark Hohnbaum – E. Leigh’s

Cissye Ragano – Emphatic

Tami Risinger – Barbara Jean

Sara Reeder – Beige

Jeremy Deramus – Bell & Sward

Jayne Frazier – Scarlet

Melissa John – Feinstein’s

Penny Burkhalter – Beyond Cotton II

Shannon McKinney – Vesta’s

Casey Rackley – Beehive


Inviting Arkansas

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