The Power of Philanthropy

Photography by Jamison Mosley

   Collaboration and strategic partnerships are the future of the Natural State. As agents of change, fellow Arkansans unite with a shared vision for more equitable communities. Arkansas Community Foundation is in the business of making philanthropy simple, flexible and efficient. Arkansas Community Foundation President & CEO Heather Larkin believes every individual can contribute to this effort and transform the culture of our state. The Women’s Foundation of Arkansas will recognize Heather for her leadership at the Power of the Purse Luncheon later this month.

   Heather recalls an idealistic childhood in Charleston, Arkansas. As small business owners, her parents instilled the importance of hard work and determination in every aspect of life. She remembers a community that cultivated integrity and respect. Heather attended Hendrix College and Bowen School of Law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Her love for the Natural State is unwavering and her commitment to the welfare of all Arkansans is steadfast. Philanthropy is her super power… and the Arkansas Community Foundation is the platform. But, like most business and civic leaders, Heather shares a wealth of knowledge and influence with organizations throughout the state. 

   For more than four decades, Arkansas Community Foundation has provided the opportunity for all Arkansans to support meaningful initiatives. This kind of accessibility is only restricted by imagination and creativity. Part of this mission fulfillment work connects resources to build community, facilitating unlimited possibilities. “The Community Foundation is in all aspects a statewide organization working locally to make Arkansas a better place to live,” Heather explains. “We are LOCAL – we believe that local people make the best local decisions – with feet on the ground in over 45 of the state’s 75 counties. We are inclusive; we seek broad involvement as we seek solutions and opportunities for positive impact.”

   Congruent with the values of Arkansas Community Foundation, the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas improves the lives of women and girls by advancing gender equity, improving health and wealth of families. The Power of the Purse Luncheon continues a legacy that is nearly 25 years strong. Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Board of Directors President Jill Floyd elaborates, “We are thrilled to add more women who are passionate about giving back to their communities and removing barriers for the next generation of women and girls in our state.” Heather adds, “I believe in the power of philanthropy and have dedicated my professional life to it.” Together, these organizations and respective constituents share enthusiasm for a world that celebrates diversity + encourages inclusivity for a future we can all embrace.

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