Walk for the Waiting

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   Encouraging families to open their loving homes to the more than 5,000 Arkansas children in the foster care system is a mission that The CALL shares with churches across the state. Working in partnership with the Arkansas Division of Children & Family Services, The CALL utilizes local congregations to recruit and train Christian foster and prospective adoptive families. Jessica and Alan Bubbus were introduced to The CALL as newlyweds and immediately realized the importance + impact of fostering. Their blended family is a testament to the extravagant love of Christ and its power to transform lives.

   In 2012, with one biological son, the Bubbus family welcomed 10 children into their home over the next 18 months. As their rooms filled, so did their hearts.  “Every foster parent story is different,” Jessica explains. “I remember driving away from court where the judge ruled to send our foster daughter home to what I thought was a dangerous environment.  It is times like those I lean on our faith – not our own understanding.”

   Through this kind of faith and love, the Bubbus family adopted two young boys, Evan and Ethan. “Our son David was 2 years old and thought big brothers were the greatest gift on earth.  It was a sweet but crazy time,” Jessica remembers. Shortly after, Jessica became pregnant with Moses. “Having four boys 9 years old and younger was wild, but fun. Little did we know it was about to get even more fun!”

   As owners of David’s Burgers, Jessica and her husband Alan are invested in Central Arkansas and the welfare of their staff. When Jessica & Alan learned an employee was having trouble at home, the couple approached the young man. “We told him if he ever needed a safe place to stay, he was always welcome at our house.  That Friday night he called and asked if he could stay,” Jessica states. “The rest is history.”

   The CALL works in partnership with Project Zero and Immerse to provide consistent and unwavering support to children + families, helping to navigate the foster care system. “These organizations are helping one child at a time to give them hope, a home and a future,” Jessica advocates. “The kids in foster care need a safe place to live and a family who loves and nurtures them. These organizations are making life-altering differences in the lives of kids right here in Arkansas.”

   Walk for Waiting celebrates these children and showcases the organizations that are committed to improving their lives. Jessica explains, “This is a family friendly, fun walk.  It is all about raising money to support the work of The CALL, Immerse Arkansas and Project Zero as well as awareness about the needs of children and youth in foster care in our state.” Jessica’s gratitude for these organizations, her family and her community is abundant. “It is all about realizing how much we have to be thankful for and actually taking time to recognize all those things. We are so thankful for our home, our family, our business, our customers, and organizations who want to love kids; we are so grateful.”

Jessica & Alan Bubbus

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