Westwind School for Performing Arts

By Kim Meyer – Webb | Photography by Lori Sparkman Photography

   Todd Belin exudes kinetic energy. When asked about the power of performance, a joyful smile fills the room. Todd believes that dance saved him and that hard work continues to create opportunities to further develop his talents. He radiates with optimism for a future filled with endless possibilities. 

   This gracious + tenacious spirit serves Todd well. It helped him navigate a tumultuous childhood, overcome obstacles, exceed expectations and excel as an undergraduate at UA Little Rock.  “As a kid, I went into child protective services due to family issues,” Todd elaborates. “Dance and entertaining helped remove the trauma from my soul. God has a plan and it keeps me focused on the good in the world.” As an instructor at Westwind School for Performing Arts, Todd shares this philosophy with young creatives, 6th-8th grade students, who will be the next generation of leaders. “This school is made of bonding, creativity and, most importantly, it’s like a family!” This multidisciplinary model cultivates intrigue and inspiration, in addition to intellectual acumen. “The creatives are allowed to be expressive in ways that make them feel happy and comfortable. The traveling dance troupe provides opportunities like performing for live audiences, which is a significant part of performing arts.”

   Westwind School for Performing Arts was established by Theresa Timmons with a vision to bring the arts into every aspect of learning. “The classes and productions that we organized through the Timmons Arts Foundation allowed me to witness first hand the improvement in students’ literacy skills, critical thinking skills as well as the ability to create a sense of community. I was inspired to create a setting that provided more of an impact.” Theresa realized she could be the agent of change that the educational landscape of Central Arkansas needed. Coupled with her network + resources of talent to make it happen, Theresa comprised a dedicated team of educators to equip young Arkansans. Each member of the Westwind School for Performing Arts team provides a unique perspective at the Maumelle campus. “Todd brings a wealth of experience and positive energy to every encounter,” Theresa elaborates. “He is a living, breathing example of the power of the arts to transform lives.”

   Todd’s impressive portfolio of experience includes a tenure with Atlanta Connect Season 5 and American Idol Season 4 as well as working with renowned choreographers Kiki Ely, Marc Marvelous, Jeremy Copeland and more. Through his business Moves in Motion, Todd helps inspiring artists realize their potential to achieve a dream. “I love to teach people the art of entertaining and engaging an audience.” Strategic collaborations are another specialty that Todd enjoys. “My goal is to extend our community to connect more people, who become friends, that can combine talents, and in turn, make the world better – this makes me really happy. I hope we can continue to nurture each other and encourage everyone to follow their dreams.”

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