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By Kim Meyer-Webb | Photography by Sarah Oden | Makeup by Vannette Vititow with Barbara/Jean | Wardrobe from Barbara/Jean | Rings from Sissy’s Log Cabin

   For more than two decades, Arkansas Urology has pioneered and expanded wellness services throughout the state. The 15 clinics that serve more than 120,000 patients annually illustrate an unwavering commitment to the health of all Arkansans. Ellon Cockrill, along with the Arkansas Urology Foundation, will welcome patrons to the organization’s inaugural Silver Ball later this month. She is chairman of the Arkansas Urology Foundation Board of Directors.

   The Arkansas Urology Foundation generates funding for health screenings throughout the state. Outstanding quality care and technology are paramount, but access to services remains a critical consideration. “We believe all men in the state regardless of cultural background, financial resources or proximity to care should have access to information, diagnosis and state-of-the-art treatment,” Arkansas Urology Foundation & Marketing Director Chris Shenep explains. The Arkansas Urology 10 Point Check Up is a free and convenient option available to men for quick, first-time health checkups – made possible by the foundation. These free health screenings throughout the state are critical to the welfare of all Arkansans. Chris adds, “It’s a way to encourage men to make health a priority, so they can continue to care for friends and family.” 

  The silver ball offers a unique opportunity to showcase the continued mission fulfillment work of Arkansas Urology and the organization’s vision: Together, we will help someone today. Ellon elaborates, “Everyday, I am reminded of how blessed I am when I see people struggling with food insecurity, homelessness, poverty, lack of access to treatment for mental health and addiction issues. Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes and surrounds us daily.” A highlight of the evening is the celebration of the Dr. Mack Moore Fund to honor his legacy of service. Chris elaborates, “Not all parts of Arkansas, especially those rural and underserved communities, have the same access to healthcare we have in Little Rock. Dr. Moore is one of our founding physician partners and a beloved urologist by many Arkansans who has helped expand our services.” Proceeds from the evening support the Arkansas Urology Foundation. 

   The Arkansas Urology Gold Standards align company culture with impeccable patient care. “It places the entire Arkansas Urology team with a singular goal rooted in excellence,” Chris adds. “It’s reflected in our civic leadership as well. Ellon is an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a positive difference. She walks the walk and talks the talk.” Ellon adds, “I love this town, the people and the volunteer community that surrounds an issue and work together to provide for the needs of all citizens. Many things motivate me. YOU MATTER is the most important to me; everyone has a story and their story matters.”

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