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Catholic High Alumni: Adam Dunaway, “Poolboy”

Adam Dunaway, “Poolboy” | Class of 1997 | Heather & Poolboy Morning Show Host, KLAL Alice 107.7 FM

Favorite Teacher… Mr. Moran. Going into Catholic High School, you heard stories of the toughness of his class. He was feared – even hated if you asked some students. I was never his star student, that’s for sure, but I liked that he was fair. I liked that you got a sense that he really cared. He commanded your attention in the classroom and held you accountable.  As young men we needed that.

Community Service… In my line of work, I see things going on in the community – charity walks and runs for various nonprofits, park clean-ups, disaster relief efforts. It never surprises me; Catholic High students and alumni are always involved.

Yesterday vs. Today… Same halls, same walls, same khakis, same ties, same life lessons – faith, integrity, duty.  The administration has changed but the values and what Catholic High stands for have not- turning young boys into men.

CHS Brotherhood… The connections as an alum of Catholic High are endless. I know when I refer someone to a CHS graduate that they will be treated kindly and fairly – whether he is the owner of a landscape business, financial advisor or an HVAC technician. I love being able to say, “Go see this guy; he went to Catholic and will take care of you.” Eight of the guys in my wedding were CHS chums. These guys will help you move, are here for the birth of your children, let you vent about work and home. Life-long friendships are formed at this school.

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