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Catholic High Alumni: Eric Higgins

Eric Higgins | Class of 1983 | Pulaski County Sheriff

Memorable Experience… One of the most memorable experiences was the senior ring mass. Seeing all of our class rings lined up on the tables in front of us – they all looked the same, which made me think about how we were all equal members of a brotherhood. Catholic High is a brotherhood of boys who had it instilled in us that we were to be men of integrity who were expected to do our best not only as we represented the school but as we represented Christ.

Yesterday vs. Today… I am disappointed that they installed air conditioning a few years ago (they didn’t have it while I was there!), but it’s my understanding that they never turn it on.

CHS Brotherhood… Catholic High School has a reputation for graduating responsible, dependable men of integrity.  Not only do you benefit from that reputation, you feel obligated to live up to it for the next generation of graduates.

The CHS Difference… My parents wanted my brothers and me to have the best high school education possible, so they sent us to Catholic High. I am thankful that they chose to send me there and remain a proud alum.

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