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Catholic High Alumni: Herb Vincent

Herb Vincent | Class of 1979 | Associate Commissioner / Communications, Southeastern Conference

Lasting Impression… Catholic High School instills a certain discipline to everyday life that gives you the fortitude to manage the successes and challenges – the peaks and valleys – that come in the years that follow. It’s a discipline that does not allow you to become consumed with self-pride when things are going well, and it protects you from developing self-pity when challenges mount. Four years at Catholic High instills a sense of confidence, balance and stability that lasts a lifetime.

Favorite Teacher… I benefited from each teacher’s unique methods for teaching, inspiring and motivating me and my classmates.  We had then – and I am certain it exists today – a collection of teachers who, as a group, molded each of us into men who graduated and entered the adult world very different from the boys who entered those halls four years earlier. 

CHS Anecdote… One day after lunch, Father Tribou pulled me aside and asked me my opinion of one of the new English teachers. I didn’t want to be overly critical, but I wanted to be honest, so I said I did not feel his teaching methods were of particular benefit to me. Father Tribou knew that English was important to my pursuit of a journalism career, so he said he didn’t want me to spend time in a class that was not productive for me. He transferred me into his own English class the next day and took a keen interest in my work the rest of my high school career. I was always grateful for that personal attention to my academic success.

The CHS Difference… The experience at Catholic High isn’t just about what is taught in the classroom. It’s also about the life-lessons that you live everyday walking those halls. CHS taught me lessons about integrity and honesty, strength and perseverance, success and failure, pride and humility. It gave me the tools I needed to not only survive in the world but to thrive and live in the manner that God asks us to live.

Advice to Share… Consider the life-long benefits that are offered by the positive learning environment that is unique to Catholic High. It’s not just about what is taught in the classroom, it’s also about the life lessons that are learned through the culture that you live everyday walking those halls.

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