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Catholic High Alumni: Jason Chacko

Jason Chacko | Class of 2002 | Branch Manager & Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

Most Valuable Lesson… If I had to simplify my personality into one word, I think it would be “duty.” I’ve always been motivated by fulfilling my obligations to the best of my ability, and Catholic High School is a place that drives that point home. The school rewards work ethic just as much as natural ability, if not more so. I was taught that I will never be disappointed with the results of my full effort.

Favorite Teacher… I can point to the life lessons from Coach Richard Cochran as the most formative for who I’ve become. He taught me how to appreciate literature and the social commentary that it can provide; I still have most of the books he assigned on my bookshelf. But just as important, he gave my class a tidbit of passing advice that stuck with me: he said that on the first night of college, someone will come and ask if you want to hang out, and he said do it. As a naturally shy person, that moment came and I went against my instincts to say yes. That man is still one of my best friends and was a groomsman in my wedding. Coach Cochran’s lesson became for me that trust is a two-way street, and it’s one that has dramatically influenced my life.

Yesterday vs. Today… Tradition must be married with innovation to remain relevant. While the classroom adapts to new technology, new competition and more demands on a student’s time, the permanent lessons of time management, accountability and respect all continue to be part of the Catholic High education.

CHS Anecdote… Catholic High taught me HOW to learn, not just WHAT to learn. My study habits carried me through not only Catholic High’s rigorous curriculum, but also college, grad school and beyond into my career.

CHS Brotherhood… Every graduate knows the standards set by Catholic High, and it shows in the tight-knit community of alumni. Every year the gym is filled with 650+ men from nine different decades, joining together for an alumni dinner where we celebrate the continued standard of excellence of the school. I think that’s a commitment to consistency that speaks volumes between alumni, wherever they live now.

CHS Remains Relevant… Students must learn the difficult lesson of standing on your own two feet, even as there are hands out to catch you if you fall. That is a fine line to walk, and one that Catholic High School does flawlessly.

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