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Catholic High Alumni: Johnathan Goree, MD

Johnathan Goree, MD | Class of 2001 | Anesthesiologist & Chronic Pain Physician, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Lasting Impression… Catholic High taught me how to be a professional. Part of the maturation process at CHS is the appreciation of responsibility. As a student, I was forced to take responsibility for my own decisions. If I forgot my lunch or homework, I had to deal with the consequences. I also learned the importance of the little things:  time is valuable and presentation is everything. And I definitely learned the value of hard work.

Favorite Teacher… While I hated writing term papers, diagramming sentences and reading 18th century English literature, I didn’t know at the time that I was developing skills that I would use daily. I went into health sciences because science and math skills were my academic strengths, but I am forever grateful for my three English/writing/literature teachers (Richard Cochran, Monsignor George Tribou and Mike Moran) who forced me to challenge my weaknesses.   

The Tradition Continues… I have distinct memories of Father Tribou stating that the purpose of Catholic High School was to teach us how to be a man. While at times, his methods could be seen as strict or unconventional, he always led with love and had our best intentions in mind. As I continue to follow Catholic High and return for alumni events and meet current students, I’m so glad that Steve Straessle has kept that vision alive and continued that tradition.  At the end of every sporting event and assembly, we lock arms and sing the Alma Mater.  The final words of the song are “we in some distant day may brush away a tear/ born of memories as these we hold so very dear.” It’s amazing how those words hold true.

Yesterday vs. Today… When I walked through the halls of Catholic High recently, I felt that the ethos of the school has not changed. I was met with the same warm welcoming spirit. The halls were filled with the buzz of confident boys in their shirts and ties. But, as the landscape of science and technology has changed, Catholic High has also adapted. The school has become more modern, and technology is incorporated into all areas of education. 

The CHS Difference… Catholic High continues the same role it has played in the past: To educate young men to be excellent fathers, dedicated professionals and passionate altruists. While most high schools prepare you for your academic future, Catholic High focuses on your holistic future. This is not only limited to academics but also includes family life, citizenship and community involvement

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