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Catholic High Alumni: Ramon Escobar

Ramon Escobar | Class of 1987 | Vice President, Talent Recruitment & Development, CNN Worldwide

Most Valuable Lesson… Simply put, Catholic High School prepared me for the world. Its values-based education drove the principle of discipline, set an expectation of excellence and instilled a deep empathy in me to serve others. These principles serve me every day on the job and in life and has spurred the intellectual curiosity that drives me as a journalist. It encouraged the empathy towards others that guides my view of the people I’m supposed to serve as a journalist.  I owe my ethical view of my profession and the world to the values instilled in me at Catholic High.

Memorable Experience… I gathered with all my classmates on graduation day and had the honor to give the commencement speech with my parents present. They were immigrants who came to the U.S. with literally nothing but the dream of a better life for their children. Though poor, they never let us feel poor and they put us through school. To be able to thank them and recognize all they had done for me to make it to that day and make it to that stage meant the world to me.

Favorite Teacher… Father Tribou. Like so many thousands of young men who walked the halls of Catholic High, this man left a mark. Though he has left this earth, his presence is still powerfully felt.  He is the little angel that sits on your shoulder and reminds you to do the right thing even though it’s the harder thing, the unpopular thing. 

Yesterday vs. Today… Though Fr. Tribou is gone, his philosophy and spirit are alive and well in Steve and its faculty.  In that sense, the most important part of Catholic High is the same. It’s the foundation.  As the world changes, it will be Catholic High’s challenge to become more diverse and reflect the world it serves.

Advice to Share… Catholic High will change your son’s life! It will challenge, push and stretch him farther than he thinks he can go.  It will instill in him discipline, empathy and the values to tackle a complicated world.  It will raise his bar of expectation to always pursue excellence. fall. That is a fine line to walk, and one that Catholic High School does flawlessly.

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