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June Fashion Week: “Packed and Ready” with Sara Reeves

We are dreaming of vacation destinations to get us through this Monday! The month of June has come and almost gone, but it wouldn’t be complete without our Inviting Arkansas Fashion Week. This month’s fashion feature, Packed and Ready, showcases the essentials for summer vacations – trips to the beach or the lake or night out on the town. To keep the vacay vibes going, we asked our June fashion photographer, Sara Reeves, to share some of her tried + true travel tips. Check out what Sara had to share with us!


Inviting Arkansas: Do you have a dream photo shoot?
Sara Reeves:
To shoot a travel story on our National Parks, where I get to road trip to different parks and spend time shooting the local people, food and scenery.

IA: Where is your ultimate summer vacay destination?
Today it would be Yosemite National Park, but ask me again in a week and I will probably have a different answer.

IA: Would you rather: take a road trip across the US or fly to a remote European island?
Both sound great. European island would be super relaxing, but road tripping is my favorite.

IA: You’re packing up for a twelve-hour car ride to the beach; in order to survive, you don’t leave the house without what in your purse?
Sunglasses and Chapstick.

IA: Who is your travel companion of choice?
: My husband, Zach. We have traveled a lot together for work and play, and we make a great team.

IA: Are you an over-packer or an under-packer?
I probably do tend to over-pack or add certain items for “just in case,” but I never bring enough camera gear. I’m always saying I should have brought that film camera or I wish I had that other lens.

IA: Describe your go-to airport outfit?
Madewell t-shirt and jeans, hoodie and boots, pretty much my go-to outfit everyday.

IA: Best travel advice?
Research where you are going and make an itinerary for each day of things to do and places to eat, but don’t be afraid to stray from the schedule and explore what the area has to offer off the beaten path.

IA: Top five packing essentials.
Camera (obviously), my Dower cross-body bag, Rainbow sandals, binoculars and a field guide to the local birds.

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