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Guest blog by Central Arkansas American Heart Association | Photography by Meredith Melody

Roughly one in every four deaths in the United States can be attributed to heart disease. That’s 610,000 each year. Oscar Washington, husband to Doris and father to Stephanie and Sydnie became one in four on April 18, 2017.

Oscar Washington served as a member of the Central Arkansas American Heart Association Board of Directors and the 2016-2017 Corporate Chair for the 2018 Heart Ball. In preparation for his role as 2018 Heart Ball Chair – he set a lofty goal. He wanted to bring in the highest amount on record for the event. While Oscar had a competitive nature he also wanted to be a positive influence within the community by supporting the American Heart Association.

In honor of her husband and his lofty fundraising goal, Doris has maintained her role as co-chair for the 2018 Heart Ball. Doris wants to help other families beat the odds and have more time with the ones they love. Ignite your power and support the American Heart Association – support new advancements in technology and research.

The goal of the American Heart Association is simple: to save lives. Extend the time families have with their loved ones, experience more precious moments. To do that, we must empower ourselves and one another to learn our personal risk factors and family history. We must make the time to push for more educational programs so that all communities have access to quality care and we must support the research that benefits every local community in this country.

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