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Pool Safety: Sarah Thomas Vlog

Nothing says summer like a day at the pool. 

But, a good time can become a dangerous time if we are unaware of how to protect ourselves from the sun, infections and other swimming safety concerns. 

CEO of The Athletic Clubs Frank Lawrence was kind enough to connect me with associate lifeguard supervisor Addison Stone from the Little Rock Racquet Club and Dr. Mark  Thomas Jansen of UAMS about pool safety.
According to Dr. Jansen, the leading cause of death in kids under age 5 – and also a major cause of death in individuals under the age of 45 – is drowning. Check out my interview with them here!

And before you grab the goggles and pool tote, look over these tips ~ from the experts ~ to stay safe while you’re having fun:

  • Parents, never leave your child unattended near water, and do not trust a child’s life to another child; teach children to always ask permission before going in the water.
  • If you have a pool, secure it with appropriate barriers. Many children who drown in home pools were out of sight for less than five minutes and in the care of one or both parents at the time. About 1 in 5 people who die from drowning are children 14 years and younger.
  • Avoid distractions when supervising children around water, i.e., cell phones. 
  • Protect your skin. Limit the amount of direct sunlight you receive between 10:00 a.m. & 4:00 p.m. and wear sunscreen/sunblock with a protection factor of at least 15.
  • Drink plenty of water regularly, even if you’re not thirsty. 

Photo from: Pixabay

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