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Spring Fund Drive: The Case for Public Radio

Guest blog by UA Little Rock Public Radio

Each year UA Little Rock Public Radio hosts on-air fund drives to speak directly to listeners and to raise essential funds for programming and operations of two public radio stations: KUAR FM 89.1 and KLRE Classical 90.5.

KUAR, the NPR affiliate station brings news, information and cultural programming from around the state, region and the world to Arkansas. KLRE features classical music 24/7.

Through programs like Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Fresh Air, This American Life, Arts and Letter, Arts Scene and Performance Today, the stations contribute significantly to the cultural landscape of central Arkansas and beyond. But these programs are costly to bring to the 85,000 listeners who tune in by radio or stream from and NPR One app each week. Financial support from listeners is what keeps this service going strong.

The 2018 Spring Fund Drive is April 7-13. During the drive, listeners will hear from community members and public radio staff about the importance of public radio and its listener support.

Quinten Whiteside serves as the Fundraising Chair for the Friends of KLRE/KUAR Board. When he’s not listening to public radio, Quinten is an attorney with Wright Lindsey Jennings in Little Rock.

KUAR: What does public radio mean to you?
Quinten Whiteside: 
In today’s world of sound bites and cable news, I support public radio because it provides a nonpartisan, fact-based view of local, national and international news and human-interest stories. The fact that anyone in our state can tune in and become a more informed—and engaged—citizen is what keeps me giving year after year.

KUAR: What do you love about being on the Friends of KLRE/KUAR Board?
When I moved home after law school, I knew I wanted to get involved in the community. I’m fortunate to work at a firm, Wright Lindsey Jennings, which encourages its employees to give back. KUAR / KLRE has been a win-win for me. I love getting to spend time with a great group of people, and I get to advocate for a cause I’ve long supported. 

KUAR: Your favorite “driveway moment?”
Frankly, there are too many to count. But every Monday, I time my commute so I can listen to the wrap-up of “All Things Considered” and the start of Roby Brock’s Talk Business & Politics show at 6 p.m. Even though my ride home only takes 15 minutes, I usually sit in my driveway so I can listen to the full interviews.

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