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Women in STEAM: Amy Meins

Amy Meins | Colliers International | Marketing & Communications Director

LOVE the Work… The thing I love most is the communications aspect – both internally and externally. I have the unique opportunity to get to know everyone in our company so coming to work feels like coming home. Through my public relations duties I have the pleasure of getting to know lots of interesting writers, editors and nonprofit professionals across Arkansas. 

Career Evolution… I began as a proofreader at an ad agency – about the farthest you can get from a STEAM career! That was in the early 90s when email was new and social media wasn’t even on the radar. Today’s marketing, advertising and communications positions incorporate many aspects of STEAM from basic social media to advanced customer relationship management and reporting tools.

Surprising but True… I think the thing that’s probably surprising to everyone, including young women just coming into their STEAM careers as well as “seasoned” professionals,  is that STEAM is everywhere now. Technology is so ingrained in our society now that you don’t have to pigeonhole yourself into one specific career.

Advice… Do not forget the importance of nurturing your professional relationships. While technology is critical to the workplace, so is the ability to empathize and connect with coworkers  and clients on a one-on-one basis.

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