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Women in STEAM: Mimi San Pedro

Mimi San Pedro | The Venture Center | Chief Strategy Officer

A Day at Work… At The Venture Center, there’s never a “typical” workday.  We work with global innovators, the worlds most influential fintech companies, local entrepreneurs, business leaders as well as our educational institutions. We may have a local successful entrepreneur presenting to 50-100 guests from the community one day or 15 bankers from around the country coming to mentor our cohort on another. There are some days that we simply decompress by taking the team bowling or an extended lunch complete, with Loblolly Ice Cream.

Beginning Interests… My Filipino parents wanted me to be in the medical field, but I have always loved math and technology.  Millie Ward, a good friend and one of my mentors, made me aware of what The Venture Center’s does and its important role in the community.  The Venture Center Executive Director Wayne Miller explained the mission and his vision for its growth.  And then I met the team!  It’s a unique and exciting opportunity!  One can hardly pass it up.  My experience, my skills and my love for innovation was a perfect match.

Career Evolution… Technology and entrepreneurship have always been passions of mine. Working with big tech and startups have been woven into my 35+ years in a professional career.  Supporting businesses and entrepreneurs in technology, at its various stages, has always been part of that. Businesses must stay on the technological cutting edge to innovate, and it’s always been my passion to stay ahead of the rapid evolution.

LOVE the Work… I love going to work every single day.  I love the mission, the exposure to innovation that solves consumer pain points, and the creative energy bringing exciting ideas to life. And I love that when the people and businesses we work with are successful, everyone is better off.

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