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Women in STEAM: Nancy Griebel

Nancy Griebel | Euronet Software | Director of Marketing

A Day at Work… A typical workday starts with checking my email. I’m fortunate enough to work for a global company, which means anything up to a 12-hour time difference. Most of my day is spent collaborating with colleagues to plan marketing strategy and customer events. I also spend a lot of time writing.

Career Evolution… I started my career in the advertising business, which was a great experience as it gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about a many different industries. One of the accounts I worked on was Acxiom. I moved to Acxiom because they wanted to me to build their internal marketing department. It was great opportunity to work for a multi-national company and to travel internationally.

LOVE the Work… The best thing about my job is the people I work with and the amazing technology. Euronet has customers in 165 countries and I’ve been able to learn so much about different cultures. We foster the growth of a very diverse workforce and there’s no other opportunity in Arkansas like it!

Surprising but True… I think the most surprising thing about a career in technology is that it’s a lot of fun! If you like problem solving, learning new things every day, and working with a wide variety of people it’s definitely the way to go.

Advice… Advice I’d give to young women starting out is to always be inquisitive, not take things for granted and never stop learning and growing. Don’t let yourself get discouraged. Every time I have to learn a new software program, I internally groan, but I stick with it until I get the hang of it eventually. It’s a great sense of accomplishment.

Photography by Lori Sparkman Photography

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