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Women in STEAM: Schell Gower

Schell Gower | Little Rock Tech Fest | Marketing Director 

Career Evolution… Marketing has evolved to include more tech tools to create and promote companies.  Marketing and STEAM go hand-in-hand as we use our creativity to help customers create messages that resonate and use tech tools to analyze, create and promote the companies we serve.  The “A” in STEAM is extremely important as the ARTS helps to develop the creativity you need to think outside the box to create new ideas.

LOVE the Work… I LOVE working with the tech community and helping our Little Rock Tech Fest team create one of the best tech conferences in the region.  We are passionate about helping the tech community succeed and every hour we spend outside of our jobs to provide this conference is worth every moment.  Seeing our speakers, attendees and sponsors interact and be excited only strengthens the community and bring awareness to the huge tech growth in Arkansas.

Surprising but True… STEAM is in every industry from nursing, music, technology and even farming.  No matter what your passion is, you can find a STEAM career and it’s never too late to get the training you need to have a successful career.

Advice… Never stop learning and exploring STEAM technology.  The rapid pace that technology changes mean even more opportunity to learn and become an expert in your field. Anyone willing to learn a new skill or technology can have a successful career.  I’ve seen women of all ages change their career paths to be software developers, IT professionals, or other STEAM professions. Pursue your dreams.

Little Rock Tech Fest + STEAM… Our mission is to provide an opportunity for all tech professionals to expand their skills in tech through Little Rock Tech Fest.  We have several women who will be speaking at the conference on different STEAM topics from software development to cybersecurity. Diversity in topics and who presents is important to our team.  STEAM is in every industry and the more we can provide opportunities for everyone to learn new technologies and tools, the more equipped we will be at solving the problems of the future with STEAM.

Photography by Lori Sparkman Photography

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