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Coping with the Coronavirus at Arkansas Urology

by Chris Shenep, Director of the Arkansas Urology Foundation & Marketing

   This is truly a historic time. Many of us have not experienced a pandemic of this proportion nor been faced with an overabundance of non-stop information. The uncertainty of the future leads many to think the worst, while feeling lost and abandoned. We anticipate more developments and changes. But, we are a resilient state and nation and we will do all we can to get through it, together.

At Arkansas Urology, our medical staff is focused on minimizing the potential risks by boosting preventive actions and utilizing fundamental infection control protocols, including the standard hand hygiene procedures, contact and airborne precautions, and other key practices within our clinics.

The Arkansas Urology administrative team has exemplified extraordinary, strong leadership throughout the chaos thus far. According to E. Scot Davis, Arkansas Urology CEO: “Our entire team is focused on minimizing the potential risks by boosting preventive measures, taking all necessary precautions, and doing all we can to do to ensure a happy, healthy and hopeful environment for our staff and our patients”.

The AU’s doctors, providers, and management team are currently focused on being a kidney stone center and treating urgent / emergent urinary procedures at our Centerview Surgery Center.  “We are committed to continuing to provide healthcare through on-line telehealth services and will still be seeing patients for issues that are life extending or involve potential organ damage at all our clinics,” says Dr. Tim Langford, President of Arkansas Urology.

During this state of National Emergency, Arkansas Urology will have a new focus on telemedicine. Arkansas Urology was able to band together and implement this new aspect of our practice very quickly. Telemedicine offers patients the chance to be seen by a physician or Advanced Practice Professional in the comfort and security of their home.  All that is needed is a smart phone or computer and video capabilities if available.

AU provides the latest innovations in medical technology and surgical techniques to patients. The physicians and professional staff comprise one of the most experienced and respected urological practices in the country. We treat approximately 105,000 patients at 15 facilities across Arkansas.

During this time, we are focused on the safety of AU staff, patients, and families. While these seem like uncertain days, we will all get through this, together. And, after it’s all said and done we will be stronger because of it. For more info on Arkansas Urology telemedicine services, call us at (501) 219-8900 or visit

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