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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – these powerful words are uniquely and undeniably American.

From our civil servants to business leaders, we honor those who capture the essence of our country’s independence and the opportunities it provides – they make living + giving in Central Arkansas something to celebrate.

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Aaron Perkins is a man about town. From attending events to styling philanthropic patrons, socialites and brides along with their wedding entourage – Aaron transforms the seemingly ordinary into extraordinary. But his philosophy of beauty and composure spans beyond an attractive appearance. “It’s more about empowerment and making someone feel really great,” notes Aaron. “That special something – persona and confidence – resonates from the soul.”

Established in 2011, Face Your Day Studios brings Aaron’s vision to fruition. Passionate about beauty and fashion, he crafted his skills in larger markets, but his heart remained true to Arkansas. His authenticity is palpable – you can’t help but leave an encounter with Aaron more optimistic about life’s endless possibilities.

His unique portfolio of services showcases complete image consultation. Although his clientele includes celebrities and politicians, Aaron is devoted to the community and believes civic leadership is important for building a brighter future for all Arkansans. His work with Our House – a shelter for the working homeless – blends seamlessly into the organization’s mission fulfillment: providing residents a safe haven to establish and redefine their independence. “I hope to create an atmosphere for women to be their best self,” Aaron explains. “It’s not about the past, it’s about the potential in the future.”

His seminars prepare every individual – from brides and socialites to business leaders, politicians and the residents of Our House – to make a difference. It’s this mantra that’s at the heart of #polishingtherock.

Aaron believes his journey from Arkansas to Miami and Manhattan and back home brought him to this space. “I am committed to improving people’s confidence – it’s an invaluable resource.” Aaron says. “At work, it means coaching my clients to achieve greatness. In life, it means sharing my experiences and passion with the community in ways that create goodness.”

Business Inspiration: making people feel great
Business Philosophy: make yourself available
Must-Have Business Tool: my smile
Self-Described: passionate

13200 W Markham Little Rock, AR | 501-712-7790
Facebook: Face Your Day Studios | Instagram: @theaaroncharles

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