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There is a little product junkie in all of us.  A lot of us buy a new product, try it out, and move on to the next one – probably before we have even finished the first.

Blog by Michele Towne
With the arrival of event season, here are a few of my favorite must-have products to keep me looking + feeling party-ready.  Not only did I buy them and try them – I have continued to buy them over and over again.

My go-to facial product line is Jeunesse Luminesce.  The Cellular Rejuvenation Serum is simply amazing, giving my skin a healthy glow and radiant appeal. Created from stem cell technology, it contains 200 growth factors that smooth fine lines and create a brighter skin tone. Available for purchase here!


My all-time favorite under eye concealer is Trish McEvoy’s Instant Eye Lift. This concealer is a breakthrough treatment with hyauluronic acid that brightens darkness as it reduces the look of fine lines. Once you try it, it will be your favorite too! Available for purchase at B.Barnett.


No look is complete without a dust of finishing powder! My personal favorite is definitely Ambient by Hour Glass in the shade Dim Light. This luminescent powder adds a touch of magic to the skin; making it appear softer, younger and perfectly highlighted. Available for purchase at Barbara/Jean.

I have worn the same lip color for at least ten years. I swear by L’Oreal’s Infallaible Lip Gloss. I love the color Fiery, and I pair it with the Revlon Color Stay Lip Liner in Spice. It stays on for hours and never feels dry or tacky. There is nothing worse than an evening out and worrying about if you still have on lipstick. As my mom always says, “Don’t forget your lipstick.” Both are available at most grocery and drug stores.


And finally, after an evening of fun, when my makeup comes off and I climb into bed – I take two PM Vitamins by Jeunesse.  These vitamins prepare me for a restful night of sleep.  Dr. Giampappa’s Nobel Prize nominated AM vitamins will give you energy and help you focus during the day, while the PM will truly help you sleep. Available here!

These are all my tried + true products! Try them… I know you will love them!

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