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No-Panic Pointers for Parents During a Pandemic

Let’s address the elephant in the room: no one wants to be responsible for teaching our K-12 children. Forget what you see on social media – no one loves the idea of tackling fractions with their third and fourth graders.

That brings us to this: yes, this pandemic stinks. Yes, you will get through this with (most) of your hair intact and your children moving on to the next grade. We asked Methodist Family Health for some tips on how parents can keep their wits about them now that the remainder of the school year has been cancelled for in-person instruction. Here are some ways to coexist during COVID-19:

– Accept that nothing is normal. While your kids may not be at school each weekday, you may still be going into your workplace. It’s ok to let your kids take responsibility for age appropriate tasks like setting an alarm clock, feeding themselves and doing schoolwork through alternative methods of instruction. It is an opportunity for them to learn how to grow into mature, capable and caring people.

– No one knows what they are doing, either. There is a lot of chatter but very little guidance when it comes to tackling this new way of life. You don’t have to do what your friends, neighbors or other community members are doing. What you do have to pursue is what works for your situation. If that means you must work from home while your children are there, determine when they can be on the internet while you can do work that does not require being online. It will take some juggling, but it’s ok to try different ways to get the best solution for you, your children and your family.

– Do what works best for you and your child. Let an older brother or sister help younger siblings with their homework. Find a tutor who can help through online conferences or via phone. Whatever you do, know you are doing your best, and this will work to everyone’s advantage.

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