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Staff Picks – Products for the New Year

We’re in the groove of the New Year, with resolutions in full gear! We can’t do it alone, we admit. Here are some of our favorite products that remind us to relax and take care of ourselves as we blaze through our busy days.

Michele Towne, Owner/Publisher B-12 Super Lipo/B12 shots from The Shot Clinic: “Gives great energy, increases metabolism and helps me sleep.”

Kim Meyer-Webb, EditorEMK Anti-Aging Face Serum: “A secret to the stars – offered exclusively across the Mid-South by Lasercare Skin Clinic.”

Heather Buckley, Art Director – Tito’s vodka from Colonial Wines & Spirits: “The tastiest way to start the New Year!”

Shelly Chapel, Sales ExecutiveLaura Mercier cleansing oil: “It helps hydrate my skin when cleaning my face. Dry, winter months wreak havoc on my mature skin. Purchase it at Pout – they have the entire line for all of your skincare needs.”

Ferrell Bonner, Production ManagerMolton Brown Vintage 2016 with Elderflower bath products: “I feel like the first step to starting the New Year right is to pay attention to yourself. Relax with a spa day and be pampered. Head to Belle & Blush to grab your own goodies!”

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