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CARTI: Early Detection Leads to Better Results

Mammograms are designed to capture a comprehensive X-ray image of a patient’s breast. At The Breast Center at CARTI, this is done using advanced 3D technology that allows imaging specialists to look at the image in layers – and detect abnormalities before a patient may be able to themselves.

So how is this beneficial to a patient? Breast cancer is at its most treatable when it’s in its earliest stages, before it’s had a chance to progress. In keeping up with annual routine mammograms, patients allow doctors to get a full picture of their breast health. The moment an abnormality appears, doctors can take action, whether it’s through further imaging, biopsy or mapping out a treatment plan. Missing an annual mammogram can mean cancer goes undetected – and in treating cancer, timing makes a world of difference.

The Breast Center at CARTI takes breast health care a step further by making the patient experience as enjoyable as possible. Patients get specialized parking close to the entrance, change into soft, warm waffle-weave robes before their exam, and even the technology used is designed to be more comfortable than traditional equipment.

If you’ve been avoiding getting a mammogram or haven’t had one in a while, there’s no shame in starting fresh by scheduling today. It’s never too late to start prioritizing your breast health – and doing so could save your life.


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