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Celebrating a Decade of Fashion & Femininity in SoMa

As Esse Purse Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary, the museum welcomes guest to the NEW SoMany Changes exhibit. Since its opening in 2013, Esse Purse Museum has been dedicated to showcasing the rich history and cultural significance of purses and their connection to women’s lives. The museum has planned a series of special events and initiatives to commemorate this significant milestone and celebrate its home in Little Rock’s SoMa district including:

SoMany Changes Exhibit – through December 31

The new exhibit takes viewers on a journey of SoMa history through a feminine lens, drawing parallels between eight neighborhood buildings and fashion typical of the year each were built. Visitors can explore the stories behind SoMa’s origin and learn about the fashion trends and social movements that influenced their creation.

Working with SoMa building owners and businesses, the museum birthed a community installation that showcases “Wanda,” a character who embodies Esse Purse Museum’s spirit, on large format art banners affixed to the buildings. Wanda’s dress represents the time period in which each building was constructed. An interactive, educational “Where’s Wanda” game takes visitors through SoMa and through history. The game kicks off at the party and continues for six months.

Over the past decade, Esse Purse Museum has welcomed visitors from around the world, offering a unique and immersive experience that explores the evolving role of purses in fashion, society and women’s empowerment. Through its meticulously curated exhibits and engaging programs, the museum has become a symbol of celebration, inspiration, and education for all. As Esse Purse Museum embarks on its next decade, it remains committed to its mission of celebrating and empowering women through the exploration of purses as artifacts of personal and cultural history. The museum invites everyone to join in the 10th anniversary celebrations and discover the remarkable stories that lie within each handbag.

Esse Purse Museum | 1510 Main Street, Little Rock | essepursemuseum.com

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