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Le Pops Gourmet Iced Lollies

Imagine a Lemon Pie Popsicle, dipped in white chocolate and covered in homemade graham cracker crumbs, or the Caramel Coffee Lolly topped with dark chocolate and crumbled pralines… Two words come to mind: yum yum.

There’s no doubt about it, Le Pops Gourmet Iced Lollies are heaven on a stick! Each flavor is crafted from locally sourced produce, infused with fresh herbs and a dash of love – a combination that’s as refreshing as it is delicious.

Handmade in the Natural State, Le Pops offers signature favorites as well as weekly seasonal flavors – these unexpected and delightful creations are a definite summer sensation. From Strawberry Basil to Peach Earl Gray Tea, the most unique flavors don’t last long and aren’t guaranteed to return. It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy a cool alternative to the summer sizzle!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LePopsIceLollies
Instagram: @lepopsgourmetlollies
Twitter: @_LePops

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