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Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?

The Who Dat Nation finally has a home in Little Rock!  Raduno proudly presents Who Dat Sundays! Join us every Sunday at game time as we represent with all the black and gold for our beloved Saints!

For the noon games that take place during regular brunch hours, come enjoy our full menu and all your brunch favorites! For the later games, our man Titus with Holly smokes will be out front working up some perfect game day meats! And don’t worry about getting thirsty – with 20 beers on tap and plenty of superb cocktails, we’ve got you covered during all of those commercial breaks!

This is OUR year – come spend it with your local New Orleans Saints crew!


Sept. 15: Rams
Sept. 22: Seahawks
Sept. 29: Cowboys
Oct. 6: Buccaneers
Oct. 13: Jaguars
Oct. 20: Bears
Oct. 27: Cardinals
Nov. 10: Falcons
Nov. 17: Buccaneers
Nov. 24: Panthers
Nov. 28: Falcons
Dec. 8: 49ers
Dec. 16: Colts
Dec. 22: Titans
Dec. 29: Panthers

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