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Celebrate Accordingly with a DIY Centerpiece

Large backyard barbecues may temporarily be on hold. But we can still host intimate summer soirees while respecting social distancing guidelines to keep our guests safe. To help us take our outdoor gatherings to the next level, Chris Norwood, AIFD from Tipton & Hurst is sharing tips for how to create seasonally-inspired centerpieces with the florist’s “Buy One, Get One” flowers:

      1. Start small and simple: No fancy vases, no problem. Whether it’s Arkansas’s own Mountain Valley Water or Topo Chico, create a base for your floral arrangement with a table runner of glass vessels like Mason jars, milk glass pitchers or vintage water bottles.

      2. Add water: Ensure your flowers are properly hydrated by filling your glass vessels with an adequate amount of warm water, or approximately three-fourths full. Not only will this extend the life of your centerpiece, it will keep it from blowing over during those unexpected blustery summer nights.

      3. Go wild: Nothing screams summer like wildflowers. Fill your selected containers with organic-looking fillers like Johnson Grass and Queen Anne’s Lace. Next, add color and dimension with varieties of Rudbeckia (i.e., coneflowers), bold Veronica and oversized sunflowers. Tie it together by weaving willow vine throughout.

Summer in Arkansas means there’s a vast variety of wildflowers to consider for your centerpiece. Stop by Tipton & Hurst’s Heights store at 1801 N. Grant on Wednesdays to see its full BOGO flower options, now available in-store or through curbside pickup. Or, watch Chris’s daily “Happy” tutorial videos on Facebook for more inspiration.

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