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Tipton & Hurst: An Un-fir-gettable Floral Arrangement

The holiday season is in full swing. Already we’ve strung lights, hung garlands and, if we have kids at home, considered setting up blow-ups in the yard. Now, it’s time to spruce up our indoor decorations. For many of us, a tree is a no-brainer. But what about un-fir-gettable florals for our front entry hall, dining table or mantle? To help us deck the halls, Chris Norwood, AIFD of Tipton & Hurst is sharing how we can create a classic seasonal arrangement in five steps:


  1. Lay the greenery: Make a wreath or grid around the perimeter of a small or medium-sized glass vase with Christmas greens, such as pine or noble fir.
  2. Bring in the red: Add in pops of color with cut red roses on each side of the vessel, preferably at the north, south, east and west points of the grid.
  3. Incorporate traditional elements: Fill in the arrangement with holly or coffee berries between the red roses for a true Southern feel.
  4. Create a focal point: Set a white hydrangea or amaryllis in the middle of the vase to anchor the arrangement and add depth.
  5. Fa-la-la finish: To complete the look, place additional cut red roses in any remaining gaps of the grid.

Whether you choose to design your own arrangement or order one from Tipton & Hurst’s brand-new collection, make the most of being home for the holidays with beautiful florals.

For additional décor, stop by one of its three locations, where you’ll get $10 in Tipton & Hurst cash for every $50 spent. Or, visit tiptonhurst.com to take advantage of its free, no-contact local delivery on all purchases over $75.


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