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UA Little Rock Leader – Cyrene Quiamco

I moved to the U.S. when I was 8 years old, accompanied by my mom and younger sister. Growing up under the care of a single mom, I witnessed her dedication and hard work; this instilled in me a deep appreciation for opportunities. At a young age, I discovered my passion for art and aspired to become an artist. The prospect of attending college seemed uncertain until I pursued scholarships. I was a part of the Donaghey Scholars Honors Program, which included a full scholarship, and was awarded the Windgate Art scholarship and other private scholarships.

I felt that UA Little Rock provided all the resources and programs I required, eliminating the need for me to explore or apply to other colleges. The convenience of being close to home and the comprehensive offerings at UA Little Rock made it the ideal choice for my educational journey.

My education at UA Little Rock, spanning four distinct art fields – graphic design, painting, deramics and digital graphics – has significantly enriched my professional portfolio, providing me with a versatile skill set applicable to various careers in the art field. This diverse background played a crucial role in securing a job right after graduation as a front-end web designer for a major telecom company.

This progression in my art career allowed me to achieve significant milestones, such as early retirement for my mom and the purchase of our dream house in our desired neighborhood – accomplishments made possible by my art’s success and the impact of UA Little Rock education on my professional trajectory. 


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