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UA Little Rock Leader – Julie Nix


Julie Nix

Baptist Health Corporate Vice President

Surgery, Women’s and Children’s, and Rehabilitation Services

My major at UALR was Business Administration which provided an excellent foundation for both my career and for graduate school. I chose UALR because of the extraordinary reputation of the University of Arkansas’ educational system, as well as the location. It was very important to me to receive my degree from an established four-year university with in-person learning. I believe that the overall educational experience at a four year traditional university is superior to many of the strictly on-line/fast track programs. There is an additional learning experience that comes with working on group projects, classroom brainstorming sessions, and just learning from others’ experiences.

Working full-time, raising two daughters, and going to college led to a unique college experience.  UALR made it possible by offering flexibility…  from evening classes, in-person, and on-line when absolutely necessary.

In my professional career, receiving my degree from UALR gave me the confidence I needed to ask for more, and the ability to perform/produce results at a higher level. I would later go on to achieve my Masters of Health Services Administration. Having the educational knowledge, coupled with ongoing work experience, really prepared me to advance into higher administrative levels within the Baptist Health System, for which I am extremely grateful.

Affordable and relevant, a great metropolitan university is critical to the infrastructure of a vibrant city. It also requires a strong alumni association that’s engaged in civic and business leadership throughout the Capital City. UA Little Rock boasts both – with a shared vision for the future. As UA Little Rock celebrates the success of its alumni, the university and alumni reflect on the role the institution plays in the continued economic development of Central Arkansas and the wealth of knowledge is offer current students.


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