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Up Close With Little Rock Fire Chiefs

In our July issue, we had the privilege of showcasing some of Little Rock’s finest heroes who truly represent the spirit of America.

Photo by Nancy Nolan


Each year, the Rotary Club of Little Rock hosts its annual Police and Fire Awards Banquet – honoring our city’s civil servants for their bravery and steadfast dedication. Read more about this year’s honorees in the online feature.

Fire departments are an integral force for good in every community – beyond fighting fires. From combatting hunger through cereal drives, to providing toys for children during the holidays, each department serves as a steward – protecting and promoting the welfare of the community.

Little Rock Fire Department Chief Gregory Summers, pictured left, has been with the force for 33 years. He and Battalion Chief Doug Coney, a fireman for 32 years, share their insights on what it means to be a firefighter.

Inviting Arkansas: Biggest Misconception?
“That we just sit around and wait on a call. There is a lot of training that goes on throughout the day as well as different types of rescues that don’t involve fire.”
Coney: “That fire looks like it does on TV and in movies. In actuality, you can’t see through a fire. You can’t even see your hand in front of you.”

IA: Biggest Challenge?
Summers: “No challenge is too great. We know we’re held to a high standard and that we have to do whatever it takes to respond to people’s needs.”
Coney: “Finding the balance between family and work. Firemen and women spend a third of their lives at the station.”

IA: Job Perk?
“Helping people. We see them in the worst times of their lives, and we can be comforting to their situations.”
Coney: “Our innate yearning to help people is fulfilled.”

IA: Best Advice?
“Know your job and do it – the rest will take care of itself.”
Coney: “Give 110 percent.”

Inviting Arkansas

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